Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: When was this Website created/published?
A: The Website was created throughout December 2020 and published on January 1st 2021.

Q: Wait, but why does the Website look like it was made 20 Years ago? What's going on?
A: This was a Aesthetic and a bit of a protest Decision I made since I came up with the Idea to make a Website. When I look around how Website's Today looks like, I'm annoyed most of the Time: Same Design, always Asking about Cookies, eating too much resources, especially on older Systemsm, Ads everywhere. That's not what I wanted on my Site. It looks very simple, but it's very clean, everything works and youdon't have to worry that your Browser crashes because you Browser couldn't handle it. It's also a bit nostalgic to how it looks, like you know, a Website that looked like it was made 20 Years ago by just one Person. The Goal was to make it looks geniue and self-made, and I'm happy with that. But at the End: No Matter how good you think this Website looks, it was a Fun Quarantine Project.

Q: Was the whole Website self-made?
A: Yes.

Q: What's your favourite Band?
A: Pink Floyd.

Q: What's you favourite Music Genre?
A: Tough Question. I mostly stay with Classic Rock and Metal from the 70's and 80's, but I would also say Synthwave. That doesn't mean I like some Rap Music too.

Q: When will you make new Music?
A: Stuff comes whenever it's ready. I planned some new Music, maybe a new Album, in 2021, based around Space and Sci-Fi.

Q: What Instruments can you play?
A: Mainly I'm a Guitarist and Bassist, though I have some experience in Drums and Syntheziser (just not Keyboard/Piano).

Q: What Programms are you using to make Music?
A: For my DAW I'm using REAPER. For Syntheziser Effects I use many different VSTs. My Amplifier VST for Guitar and Bass Recordings is BIAS FX 2.

Q: Are you taking Commisions?
A: No, I'm Sorry. Every Song I made for the purpose of a Soundtrack/to be used elsewhere were made for closer Friends. But you can still Contact me, maybe I change my Mind.

Q: Can I use your Music?
A: Yes, you are allowed to use my Music on any Media as long as you are Mentioning me and my Work by either linking my Website or the Source you got my Music from.

Q: Are you planning on releasing your Music on Streaming Sites like Spotify, Deezer etc.?
A: No.

Q: Can I see your 2.000 Songs Collection Spotify Playlist?
A: Sure. Click me.

Q: I have some more Questions or I found a Error on this Website. How can I contact/write to you?
A: Through E-Mail: