Who's Website is this anyway?

Hi, I'm Cubiceye, or Cubic3ye sometimes, or Alexander, if you want, and I'm a Rookie Musician and a Huge Nerd. I'm currently 22 Years Old and live in a smaller Village in Germany. I work as an IT-Manager on a sligthly bigger City.
One of my bigger Passions in Life was always Music. Since I've got my first MP3-Player back in 2005 (I think), my Father introduced me to a lot of amazing Music, such as Falco, Queen, Deep Purple and Others, while my Sister introduced me to newer Music in that Time, especially Linkin Park. I always felt in Love of what Music and Sounds they made, I felt into a Dream everytime Music comes up. In my Family, I was always the one with my MP3-Player, sitting in the Background, not bothering anyone, being a bit of an Introvert as well and just listening to whatever was playing.
Im the Time I was getting older, I got introduced to much more Music of course. Especially since I was in Middle School, I was starting to love Metal Music. starting with Linkin Park and Black Sabbath, until I reached Death Metal Levels with Bands like Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy and Dethklok/Metalocalypse. While being heavily Connected with Metal Music, that doesn't mean I'm only stuck with it. Later in my Life I came across Dubstep, which was in the early 2010's very popular. Whenever was something popular, I try to avoid it, but Dubstep and EDM was an exception at the Time. Whenever I was Home after School, playing Minecraft, I listen to Skrillex, deadmau5 and whatever was on UKF Dubstep (good old Times).
And now, Today, I'm sitting here with pretty big CD and Vinyl Collection, several Guitars and a Spotify Collection-Playlist with almost 2000 Songs. You See: Throughout my Life I discovered a lot of Music, whenever it was a good or a bad Moment of my Life, whatever I'm feeling, whatever Genre I've listen to, to that Time or today, Music was huge Part of my Life. And the Thing that struck me the most about Music was the Way every Genre sounds.
You can get any Kind of Mood from Music, whenver it sounds happy, angry, sad, interesting, heroic, whatever it is, it gives something to think about. And that is where I focus my Music on: On delivering a certain Authentication to whatever you hear. Most Music I made were created for Videogames, whetever it was for smaller Games for Game Jams or a bigger Project on Steam. And almost every Music Piece was created with the Intention to fit it's World it was created for. And that's what I'm focusing on making Music: Believable Sounds describing a Place or a Thing.
Now that's a pretty long Text about Music, but I had to write something in it, so...
If want to know how my Music sounds like, check on the "Music"-Page.

But besides Music, I'm also interested in Videogames and Information Technology (don't worry, there is no huge, emotional Story behind it). I play mostly on PC, as you can see on my Steam Libary Collection, but this can change when something good is coming out for PS4/PS5 or any Nintendo Console.

Also I've recently started to stream on Twitch. Mostly I speak german on here but you can still check me out on twitch.tv/cubic3ye.

Last Thing I have to say really is uhhhm...I really like American Football. Baltimore Ravens all the Way!

Also you may find some Grammar/Writing Errors since English is not my primary Language.