Welcome to the Archive Page, the newest addition to 3.0!
In this page you find restored, older builds for this website. I bought this domain + wrote the first version of the webpage back in winter 2020. Throughout this time a lot changes, I change, the world changes and my perception to it but there is no reason to not celebrate and express what was before. Therefore, for this new redesign of, I decided to release the older version of my page and while we're on it a small description to every phase.

Be aware that I only made minimal functional changes to the pages. Every Information on these pages were captured on the day it was released and therefore might be outdated since they are, well, archived. To return to the Homepage simply reopen on your browser.
All links on the archive pages are still active.

Phase 1 (The Space Phase)

This was my very first page I started working on since December 2020 and released on January 1st 2021. As I mentioned in the FAQ on this phase the idea of my homepage was to contratict the current Web 2.0: Big, bloated websites, with huge ammount of scripts and loading times. This page was (and still is) very simple and the only thing included in the backend were HTML and CSS, that's it. And since then I keep the tradition to hold my pages simple so "you don't have to worry that your Browser crashes because you Browser couldn't handle it". It was also made to showcase the creative capabilities that is simple HTML and CSS, which I expanded on with the current 3.0-Phase.

Phase 2 (The Vaporwave/Melancholic Phase)

Phase 2 was released somewhere on December 2022 (I haven't mentioned a precise release date, by the metadata of the files it was created on December 27th). At the time I was in a more sad but comfortable state and out for boredom I decided the rebuild the page. I went with a darker blueish and simplier color Palette based on the Catppuccin Theme Palette but with a more vaporwave-ish twist. Most pages were rewritten and I removed the "about me" page to be more isolated. I don't know, at the time I was slowly changing into someone else and I wasn't ready to show myself here, so that's why it's more "passive" than the first phase. I replaced it with the now obsolete "Credits"-page.
This was also the first implementation of the "cubiceye"-font. It uses the CSS built-in fantasy font that changed depending on the browser/device you are currently using.